The Dollar Stretch.

When you think “stretch” what comes to mind?

Here are a few options:

* to make limited supplies or resources go further than usual, planned, or expected

* to strain or push something to the limit

* to cause somebody to make full use of his or her abilities or intellect, e.g. with challenging or demanding work

* to straighten or extend the body or part of it, especially the limbs, to full length

* to lengthen, widen, or extend something, or become lengthened, widened, or extended, especially by force

I think of the word “stretch” in each of these ways – especially when it comes to how I spend a dollar.

Financially speaking, many of us are looking for information on how to increase our financial flexbility – how to spend, save, and invest smarter. But doing so starts with a willingness to increase our financial literacy. And herein lies the problem – as with many things in life, most of us would rather skip the directions, take the path of least resistance, and forego the ABC’s of developing/learning a new skill set.

So it is with most Americans attitude toward their finances.

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